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The history of our association

Like many other people, I grew up in a family in which supporting people in need was a high priority.

My father believed that no matter what social situation you are in, you should always think of your fellow human beings and help with whatever you can, even if it is a monetary donation, something practical, or just a smile.

You should always have a big heart for others, ”the joy and happiness of people around you bring you happiness”. But you should pay attention;

   • The way you help people should not harm their dignity. You do not want them to feel like they owe you

   • Do not try to push needy people into being beggars. If possible, find them employment

   • Do not make promises that you cannot keep

   • If there is nothing you can do for needy people, just smile and spread positive energy
Mein Vater           Mein Vater und ich
Initiator of the association
                                     My father and me
Unfortunately, I lost my father on May 13th, 2020. After his death I felt empty and I saw no purpose in life. For months I wasn’t myself and spent nights crying and mourning for my father, who has always been my role model. One night in September 2020 I stopped crying and made a decision. My father left and I cannot bring him back, but I can continue his way and thoughts to support people in need.

I developed a concept for my idea, namely to establish a non-profit association. Our association should first start in the country where my father was born, Iran. To start the association, I needed seven people to join me, my first thought went to my 14-year-old daughter, so that she would grow up with ideas of such, then my siblings and good friends. After developing my concept, I imagined my father looking at me happily with a smile on his face. I was confident that I made a right and good decision. The idea alone gave me so much strength and joy that I promised myself that I would establish this association with all my might to make my fellow human beings as happy as I could. Hami Germany e.V. (non-profit association) was founded on March 16, 2021, in Hamburg with the support of my good friends and family. The name "Hami" means supporter.

Farahnaz Bergmann


Everyone has the right to have the basic human needs of clean and potable water, food, clothing and housing. Health and education are also cornerstones of a decent existence. Many people around the world live in absolute poverty and are unable to meet their basic needs.


Hami Germany e.V. supports underprivileged people in Persia. We try, to carry out the projects with all the means available, such as:

   • Supply of drinking water

   • Expansion of classrooms and providing required educational materials for children

   • Providing and educating people on hygiene materials and concepts of its implementations in the villages

   • Providing all possible jobs for people living in villages from inhouse handcraft to agriculture